A healthier body through a happy mind

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Achieve more than you thought possible because you change your thoughts and beliefs about what you really can accomplish.

Do you have a goal to eat better, feel better and look better. But keep falling short?

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Stay committed to your healthy lifestyle change by getting rid of those self-limiting thoughts that have held you back.

What’s standing between you and a healthier lifestyle?

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Overcome stress, in-grown habits and other factors holding you back with our scientifically supported techniques

Make the Ketogenic Diet Fit Your Lifestyle

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The Keto Habit Builder Program helps you break old patterns, build, implement and sustain new habits in line with the ketogenic principles.

Our app helps you overcome stress, negative thoughts and other factors holding you back

“MiCoachee transformed my attitude about making healthier choices and that changed my life. Exercise is no longer a chore. I am looking for ways to be more active and get my steps in. It’s a level of motivation I’ve never had before and I’ve lost at least 15 pounds”

Valerie S.
Satisfied Client

Get Support Based on Motivational Psychology & Technology

MiCoachee connects you with a lineup of habit change tools with tailored Digital Coaching—incl. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) — to positively shift how you think, act and feel.

Personalized, affordable, effective

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to wellness. We all have different obstacles, stressors and struggles. MiCoachee uses data science to tailor your coaching and as you share feedback, our smart app adapts to deliver the most effective mix of strategies.

Exercise power over your body through your mind

With the right tools, you can retrain your brain to adopt healthier habits and attitudes known as neuroplastic training, to reprogram your brain and make healthy choices come natural to you. Such coaching was once only available to athletes and the elite. Now it’s available through MiCoachee.

Tailored to Your Goal

Lose Weight
Get Fit
Complete Health Program
Keto Habit Builder

Get the tools to implement and follow through on your weight loss goals, and establish life-long healthy habits to stay in the shape for good. At MiCoachee we work with pioneering behavior researchers to bring you mindset-shifting techniques to end your struggles with motivation, persistency and work ethic.

Between you and your fitness goals stands a long list of old, ingrown, hard-to-shake habits — many of which you’re likely not even aware of. It’s these bad habits that prevent you from sticking to your diet and fitness program. Get the tools to end procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of motivation by training your brain to love working out!

When you don’t have the numbers on your bathroom scale or size of your biceps to motivate you, sticking with a healthy lifestyle and diet can be challenging. MiCoachee offers the tools to improve your physical health and mindset at the same time. The app continually modifies your personalized, easy to use coaching plan to end negative behaviors and blast through your goals!

The Keto Habit Builder is an application specifically designed to help you follow through on your ketogenic lifestyle changes. Based on your feedback and data from your favorite fitness tracker apps, this app detects problematic behavior to prevent challenges to your progress before they lead to real problems.

MiCoachee’s Video Library

Discover our library of techniques including guided meditation, visualization, and confidence reinforcement to reduce stress, gain motivation and change your habits for life.

Free Video Techniques

20-Min deep stress reduction


15-Min Overcome Procrastination on Your Health Goals


15-Min Immediate Health and Wellness Inspiration


How to Get Started

Step One

Sign up and fill out a simple questionnaire so we can develop your customized coaching program.

Step Two

View your recommended tracks in your virtual library.

Step Three

View additional recommended tracks* and start seeing and feeling results.

Step Four

Develop healthy new habits and behaviors that put you on the path to long-lasting weight loss health results!

* Based on your feedback we will continuously update your plan.

Video Testimonials

Hear from some of our members that started with a free trial to see what they experienced and the results they achieved. They started out just like you.


Becky, a trained therapist shares how she recognized the importance of her subconscious in eliminating her yo-yo dieting and in improving her fitness.

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Rosemarie tells us how she amazed her doctor and got off her long-term medicine.

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Valerie, a busy mother of 3 used MiCoachee to relax, lose weight and focus on self-care.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Evelyn C.

“I’m not on a diet for the first time in years. I eat better food, exercise every day and over the 3 weeks I have lost 12 pounds! My bad eating habits are gone. I have control of my life back thanks to MiCoachee.”

David J.F.

“I am following the plan you set up for me and I feel great! I have been losing weight and feeling more energized! ”

Laura H.

“I really love your program. I have had great success and have found that all urges to eat foolishly are gone as is TV snacking. My friends and family have all noticed how much more happy and “up” I am. Thanks for the wonderful program.”

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What Makes MiCoachee Different?

Easy Access
App convenience — Real results

Leveraging Intelligent machine learning algorithms and our staff, we keep track of your progress to make sure you get the right motivation when and where you need it.

Designed Around You
100% customized to your goals

Your program is tailored to your specific goals, needs, and obstacles, and as you make progress, your plan automatically updates to adapt!

Effective Combination
Focus on Follow-Through

The key any diet is consistency. MiCoachee delivers mindset strengthening techniques and guided support to make health and lifestyle improvements simple to implement.

Fast Results
Lasting Results

Sustainable mindset changes makes the difference between yo-yo dieting and lasting health and fitness results. MiCoachee gives you the motivation you need to STAY on track.


Integrate your Tracker for a complete picture of your Progress

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See Your Big Picture and Stay Accountable


Do you have a fitness tracker, but are not getting results?

What’s missing? — Behavioral Change!

MiCoachee lets you actively reprogram your brain to achieve fitness/weight loss results you can track!