With our innovative mindset shifting techniques, you can eliminate obstacles and conquer your challenges so you can stay motivated to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Experience Long Lasting, Sustainable Weight Loss and End the Yo-Yo Dieting FOR GOOD!

With a customized plan based on your personality, learning methods, and unique needs, you can start feeling results in as little as one or two days as you get control and TAKE control of your health, fitness and weight loss!

“MiCoachee helps you transform the most important thing when it comes to making healthier lifestyle changes: your attitude. You “want” to do what's best for yourself, and it feels good to do it, rather than like a chore. I have been consistently more motivated to be active! I find myself looking for ways to get my daily steps in, even if I can't go to the gym. It's a level of motivation I've never had before and I've lost at least 15 pounds.”

MiCoachee gives you proven behavioral change techniques in an easy-to-use wellness app

In just a few minutes a day, we give you the tools to kick your old habits and doubts to the curb and establish positive behaviors and thought patterns that keep you on track and crushing your goals!

Support Using Motivational Psychology & Advanced Technology, right in your mobile device
MiCoachee connects you with a lineup of habit manipulation tools —incl. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) — to shift how you think, act and feel. To keep you on track, you’ll receive ongoing encouragement via Digital Coaching tailored to your progress.
Personalized, affordable, effective
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to wellness. We all have different obstacles, stressors and struggles. MiCoachee is expertly tailored to meet your needs, including learning style and goals. Plus, as you share feedback, our smart app adapts and changes to deliver the most effective mix of strategies. All at a price within reach, in a format that’s easy to use.
Exercise power over your body through your mind
Fact: With the right approach, you can gently retrain your brain — a process known as neuroplasticity — to want to adopt healthier habits and attitudes. We help you align your body and mind so taking action becomes easier for you. Such coaching was once only available to athletes and the elite. Now it’s available through MiCoachee.

Using your preferred fitness app and your personal feedback, we create and continually modify a personalized, easy to use coaching plan. We provide innovative tools designed to help you end negative behaviors so you can create new habits that motivate you to blast through your goals


Use MiCoachee’s pioneering mindset-shifting techniques to end your greatest weight loss challenges! We’re with you anytime, anywhere you need coaching, helping you lose weight quickly and establish the life-long healthy habits that lead to long-lasting weight loss!


Get ready to achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. Break free from self-doubt and old habits that have stopped you from sticking to a fitness program and get the tools to end procrastination and stay motivated toward your fitness goals as you train your brain to love working out.


What We Do

Using the latest behavior modification therapies, we give you easy-to-use techniques to break mental roadblocks and replace them with new, healthy habits and the confidence to keep going. The application gives you easy access to our success team, providing you the support you need to overcome obstacles and keep moving towards your fitness goals.

We know your needs are going to change as you start getting results. So we use all the data collected by the app and your feedback to tailor your unique coaching plan to your exact needs. At all times you will receive concrete and motivating updates on the progress you’ve made!

How to Get Started

Step One

Sign up and fill out a simple questionnaire so we can develop your customized coaching program

Step Two

Start a few simple, fast activities to get started and get a feel for your program

Step Three

Put your coaching to work each day and start seeing and feeling results, and give us feedback so we can modify your plan

Step Four

Develop healthy new habits and behaviors that put you on the path to long-lasting weight loss

with a
10 Day FREE Trial

Hear from some of our members that started with a free trial to see what they experienced and the results they achieved. They started out just like you.

Becky, a trained therapist shares how she recognized the importance of her subconscious in eliminating her yo-yo dieting and in improving her fitness.


Rosemarie tells us how she amazed her doctor and got off her long-term medicine.


Valarie, a busy mother of 3 used MiCoachee to relax, lose weight and focus on self-care.


What our members are saying

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What Makes MiCoachee Different?

Effective Combination

Blending accountability and guided support, we help you tap into the motivation you need to keep working toward your goals and not give up!

Designed Around You

Your program is 100% customized to your goals, needs, and obstacles, and as you make progress, we modify your plan to adapt!

Easy Access

Our program is fast and easy to use, and our convenient app lets you access your program when and where you need it most!

Fast Results

We give you the motivation to make the most of your diet or exercise plan helping you to feel differences in 1-2 days and see results in less than a week!

Maximize Your Wellness Tracker Benefits with MiCoachee!

You have a Wellness/fitness tracker but are not getting results. What's missing? — Behavioral Change!

MiCoachee lets you actively reprogram your brain to achieve fitness/weight loss results you can track!”

MiCoachee's Guarantee

Will MiCoachee lead you to life-changing progress? — You be the judge!

Try it out over a free 10-day trial and see how MiCoachee can coach you to your wellness win!

Not 100% satisfied? No problem, we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked