4 Benefits of Journaling (NDPP # 1)

Self Awareness – Journaling helps to remove the blinders we have on about our own behaviors and habits. Reading back over a week of entries can give us the genuine figures on what we really consumed without the excuses. A journal might help you to recognize situations that are dragging you away from your goals while reinforcing that which is helping you to be the you that you want to be.

Clarity –Keeping a journal can clarify the issues in our lives and help us to focus on that which is most important. We often invest too much in that which is of low or no value. Long have psychologists recognized the value of being aware of the value of identifying the 20% of our lives that make up the most value. If we could weed out the 80% that hardly moves us at all how much more effective would we be?

Stress reduction – It is just possible that higher levels of stress can result in bigger waistlines for some people. The act of writing down your thoughts simply helps with stress reduction. It provides .alternative ways of viewing things and adding a few perspectives as others might see it and score your stress levels again.

Goal Review – Setting goals is great. Reviewing them however is essential. Keeping a journal gives us a wonderful, automatic method for regular review. Whether it’s adding a box to our Friday entry with our weight written in or a weekend table for multiple goals, your journal gives you a great place for this