5 Surprising Mindset Shifts that Lead to Weight Loss

We all know HOW to lose weight – focusing on clean, healthy eating, exercising regularly, reducing sugar, salt, and processed foods – there’s no secret to WHAT we have to do to lose weight.
So why can’t we do it? 
The biggest difficulty many of us face when it comes to making lifestyle changes is our mindset. You know the little voice that says, “You’re fat,” or “You’ll never stick with it,” or “Why bother?” – That voice, along with the habits and behaviors that stem from it, is one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable, healthy weight loss.

Let’s look at some ways to shift your mindset so you can quiet your inner critic, break the bad habits, and experience long-term weight loss!

Discover Your Motivation

Why do you want to lose weight? There’s no right or wrong answer to that, and there are countless reasons someone may want to lose weight. More energy, better health, confidence, beauty, you get the idea. But until you find WHY you want to lose weight, you’ll never keep up. 

Weight loss takes effort and in order to stay on the path, you need to stay motivated, and that motivation will only come if you know why you’re doing it. 

So, write down why you’re losing weight. In this example, better health. 

Why do you want better health? To not ache all the time, to have better blood pressure, etc

Why do you want better blood pressure?

Keep going with digging DEEP into your motivation to truly discover why weight loss is so important to you. Once you have perfect clarity, you can tap into that to stick with it, even when you’re frustrated, bored, or tired. 

Change Your Goals

Most people use the number on a scale to set a weight loss goal, and from an objective perspective, it makes sense. That number on the scale is a direct reflection on weight loss.

But here’s the thing, if you’re viewing success based solely on a number, how likely are you to stick with weight loss if that number doesn’t move as fast as you want it to? Not very. 

You can’t control how the number on the scale moves, so instead, create goals based on actions you can control that will lead to weight loss. Set goals like:

  • Drinking 64-80 ounces of water a day
  • Taking 2 15-minute brisk walks each day
  • Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (without added salt, butter, or sugar)
  • Switching enriched, bleached grains for whole grains

These are all actionable goals that often lead to weight loss and a healthier life overall, and you have direct control over them every day. 

Eliminate Can’t – Won’t – Don’t

“I can’t stick with weight loss.” 

“I won’t stick with going to the gym.”

“I don’t like fruits and vegetables.”

If these thoughts are circling your brain, it’s going to be impossible to lose weight and keep it off. If you’re already setting yourself up to not succeed, you’re basically giving yourself an excuse to quit, even if it’s not a conscious choice or an intentional outcome.

Write down ALL the can’t/won’t/don’t thoughts that are actively holding you back, and replace them with can/will/do statements, and read them every day (bonus points for reading them out loud) until they’re ingrained in your subconscious and are automatic. 

For example:

  • I don’t eat vegetables → I do love fruit and will try new vegetables and new recipes to broaden my palate.
  • I can’t give up sweets → I can say no to foods, and I know that cravings pass when I work through them.
  • I won’t like exercising → I will try a variety of exercises to discover what I like doing.

Know You’re in Control

Have you ever had a craving for chocolate and felt powerless to stop it, so you gave in and ate a huge bag of M&Ms or a whole pint of ice cream? 

Next time you feel a craving, someone is offering you an unhealthy food, or you’re thinking you’re done, take a moment and tell yourself you are in the driver’s seat. You’re in control of what you eat, how you move, and whether or not you stick with your weight loss goals. 

This also means eliminating excuses such as “I work too much,” “I have kids,” “I am too tired.” When you accept that you’re in control of the choices you make, you can say goodbye to your obstacles. 

Have a Plan

Have you gone to a restaurant with friends and become so overwhelmed with the menu, you just ordered something, even though you knew it was unhealthy? Then you ended up feeling guilty or even thinking your diet was ruined? 

Or did you pack a healthy lunch for work only to raid the vending machine at 3:00 when you were famished?

Having a plan in place allows you to anticipate weight loss pitfalls and avoid them. Like using Google maps before a road trip to plan out your route so you can avoid things like road construction that will get you off course and lost. 

Use these strategies as part of your plan, and you’ll be prepared for most situations!

  • Keep healthy snacks nearby – fresh fruit, packs of sunflower seeds or almonds
  • Check out the menu online and pick out what you want to eat before you go to the restaurant.
  • Instead of reaching for snacks when you’re sad, mad, or stressed, have self-care strategies in place that aren’t food related, like reading a book, calling a friend, or taking a warm bath. 

By applying some (or all!) of these mindset shifts to your life, you can experience healthy, long-lasting weight loss, and more importantly, you’ll have a happier, more confident outlook about your health!

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