A Great Exercise for Runners

2 Reasons why Deadlifting is great for Runners

When runners think of strength training, many go straight to the squat. But the deadlift is a more effective exercise that can be less disruptive to your training.   Squats are great but deadlifting can be more effective if you have muscular imbalances, lingering injuries like knee pain or you’re just tired from your heavy training can be an extra strain you don’t really need.

Besides making you stronger, the deadlift trains you to hinge forward at the hips and align your trunk with your knees and feet in the same way you will when running. Also, the strength you’ll gain in your glutes and hamstrings will help you to apply more force as you move your foot back to propel yourself forward after your foot strikes the ground.

  1. Deadlifting can help you avoid knee pain.

Knee pain can arise when your training volume goes up or you’re pushing hard for an event. Quite often, knee pain is the result of a weak posterior chain or being ‘quad-dominant’.  In layman’s term, that means that your glutes aren’t doing their job, which forces your quads to do overtime and can lead to painful patellar tracking issues.  Deadlifting done correctly should fire your hamstrings and glutes, forcing your quads to play more of a supporting role, which creates good muscular habits and can help prevent potential knee pain

2. Deadlifting is time-efficient.

You can get through an effective deadlift session in 30 minutes, including spending ten minutes or so stretching before you start. There are many rep schemes you can follow, but lifting for power and overall strength, not muscle gain, is the goal here. You want to be lifting in rep ranges that will overload the muscles and trigger the training response you want.  YouTube or your Trainer can help with the specifics.