About Us – The MiCoachee Way

Our Mission

Our team of passionate Behavioral and Technology Experts, Data Scientist, and Wellness Coaches’ mission is to make a healthy body and healthy mind the global standard.

We promote this by making a healthy lifestyle an enjoyable journey. Our platform accomplishes this by combining engagement technology, behavioral and data science, creating an intuitive, personalized and empowering experience to develop healthy behaviors.

The Challenge

In this age of information, we can find unlimited free knowledge about health, exercise and diets online — and fitness apps are everywhere. So why does lasting wellness still feel unobtainable to so many?

The health plan that works for you is the one you can follow through on. The experts on our team agree that there are many different ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is important is that you can sustain that lifestyle long term.

It is underlying psychological and behavioral patterns (habits, thoughts, and beliefs) that ultimately decide whether we succeed in implementing, following through, and sustaining healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Solution

We get it. Our members are at the center of our design and content. They get access to behavioral support techniques that are based on their specific health goals and experience.

Taking advantage of the latest Artificial Intelligence tools and digital therapeutics we provide behavioral techniques based on your prior usage and feedback to meet your goals.

We make personalized lifestyle coaching, mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioral change techniques available in streaming video, so you get the support you need, when and where you need it.

As a result, our members reduce stress levels and follow through on their health and wellness goals with ease.

Meet the Team

Jaime Reloj – Co-Founder

Jaime worked in Silicon Valley and had global customer service responsibilities. As he traveled the world he had the idea for the company when he saw the power of the Mind-Body connection. With his extensive product management and technology background, he knew he could make positive behavior change in wellness affordable to everyone.

Tom Mann – Co-Founder

Tom developed a passion for the wellness industry after the loss of his twin brother to weight-related chronic disease. He used his experience in selling solutions that completely re-engineered large organizations infrastructure with new technology to help provide a digital technology platform that can change the lives of millions of people for the better.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory board consists of accomplished authors that have been featured in over 40 countries and national publications like Shape Magazine and Dateline NBC as well as leading trainers in their fields. Together they have helped over 15,000 people on their path to wellness.

Dr. William D. Horton
D. Psy.D, CADC, CI, MH

Dr. Will is considered one of the world’s Leading NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Trainer. He is also a Licensed Psychologist and addiction expert.

Charles Curtis

Charles is an expert in mindfulness and mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy. He is a specialist in Mind/Body Therapy regression methods for neutralizing trauma associated with chronic pain and illness.

Tom Nicoli

Tom is considered one of the worlds leading industry experts in Hypnosis with a focus on weight loss. He is an internationally published author, speaker, trainer, and expert in holistic modalities.

We brought our combined decades of experience to provide a health and fitness experience unlike anything else available. Together with our team, we can enhance and improve the lives of more people than ever before.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

My brother did your program but I didn’t think it would actually work for me. But it did! Right away I was convinced to eat more colorful, natural foods and I started to drop weight! In about 5 months’ time I lost 30 lbs! I’ve never looked better in my life. And it was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you so much!”

“…I KNOW for a fact that your techniques work and I am so grateful for you, your gift and the fact that you’re sharing it with the world. I’ve seen the results. You have helped me achieve much more in my career and in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”