Rejuvenate Your Body with our Complete Wellness Experience

No matter where you’re at in life, our blended approach for Diet & Nutrition and Exercise & Fitness keeps you on track to get in your best shape.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is hard – MiCoachee makes it easier

We’ve all wanted to make those substantial lifestyle changes at some point or another – starting a fitness plan and weight loss program, but until we change the behaviors behind our obstacles, we can’t succeed. MiCoachee’s use of innovative therapeutic techniques helps you break past your barriers, keeps you focused on your goals, and motivates you to push through to success!

Ready to go all in on your health?
With MiCoachee, health, wellness, and fitness become a permanent part of your life so you can live with renewed energy, increased vitality, and decreased stress!

Stay determined to get healthy when you break free of the old habits and release yourself from feeling like a healthy life is impossible!

Rise to the challenge of your wellness goals with innovative therapies that shift your mindset and empower you to conquer your obstacles!

Stay motivated and challenged to keep moving forward with a program with your changing needs!

Make Any Plan a Success!

MiCoachee works in conjunction with your diet and fitness plans to help you get the best outcomes. Whether you’re going Keto, your favorite diet plan, crossfit, yoga or any exercise program, we’ll keep you motivated to stick with it and banish the mental obstacles that have sabotaged you in the past.
With groundbreaking tech, sync your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other tracker with MiCoachee and we’ll put your data to work to get a clearer picture of your progress and trends and continually update your coaching toolbox!

MiCoachee is Unlike Anything You Have Tried in the Past

Behavior Science Techniques

Starting with an in-depth assessment to discover your roadblocks and goals, our therapists use a combination of mindfulness exercises, cognitive therapies, and extrasensory perception techniques to deliver an integrative personal strategy to change how you think about food, fitness, and health. As you give us feedback and information, our support team continually updates your program with new techniques designed to break free from old habits, leap your mental hurdles, and put your goals into action and experience life-long total wellness

Easy to Use

Connect MiCoachee with your Fitbit, Apple Watch or Google Fit, and we will customize your plan more effectively. You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques and activities designed to shift your mindset so you can stay motivated toward making the right decisions and stay on track toward your goals.

Get Mobile Coaching Anytime

Easy to access on your computer, phone, or tablet, use MiCoachee when and where you need it. Whether you’re feeling stressed, you’ve hit a roadblock, or you’re ready to throw in the towel, turn to your toolbox of techniques that will allow you to rise above your challenges.

Transform your mind with MiCoachee’s Integrative Coaching Techniques and Benefits.

Continually modified support and accountability as your needs shift and you make progress

Improve the outcomes of any diet and exercise program

Personalized digital coaching that’s there when you need it

Make mindful choices that align with your goals

Tailor your goals to your weight loss program

Overcome food craving and emotional eating

Jump start your current exercise plan and get results fast

Live life with more vitality, increased confidence and reduce your stress levels

Enhance your enjoyment of exercise

Let MiCoachee show you how our innovative techniques will have you declaring victory over years of bad habits and bad choices so you can feel energized, confident, and revitalized!

See how using a simple mindset shifting technique will help you change your perspective and replace your negative behavior going forward.


Use this visualization exercise to boost your workout motivation and maximize your results!


How It Works

1. Sign up

Take a quick assessment and link your trackers so we can get a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be!

2. Get Started

Start your individualized plan with a few simple activities that give you a feel for the how MiCoachee works and what works best for you!

3. Keep It Going

Stick with it every day to see and feel changes both physically AND mentally and continue to give us your feedback so we can modify your plan as needed.

4. Healthy For Life

Develop the healthy habits and positive mindset that motivate you to keep pushing past your boundaries, experiencing long-lasting weight loss and unparalleled health and vitality!

Maximize Your Wellness Tracker Benefits with MiCoachee!

Need an additional boost to stay on track to success? MiCoachee is compatible with iOS and Android devices, Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Watch, and many of your favorite wellness apps to keep you moving toward your weight loss goals.

What makes MiCoachee different?

Therapist-created, 100% customized programs created to conquer your obstacles and achieve permanent weight loss

Your program evolves as your needs do as we look at the feedback you provide to update your toolbox every regularly with new techniques and activities.

Digital coaching that is easy to use and always there for you right when you need it, no matter what your schedule is!

See and feel results fast!

Within days of starting the MiCoachee Complete Wellness Program, you will begin seeing and feeling the results! You can begin to move beyond the procrastination, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt and start believing that victory is achievable!


“I’m not on a diet for the first time in years. I eat better food, exercise every day and over the 3 weeks I have lost 12 pounds! My bad eating habits are gone. I have control of my life back thanks to MiCoachee.”

“I am following the plan you set up for me and I feel great! I have been losing weight and feeling more energized! ”

“I have lost 17 pounds and I feel thinner in my heart. Wow! I have been telling all my friends about this program. Thanks.”

We Guarantee Satisfaction
You be the judge. If you use every initiative we give you in your assessment plan, and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked. MiCoachee will lead you to life-changing progress. Try it out for a free 7-day trial period and see how MiCoachee can coach you to a Total Wellness win!

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