Q. What is the Assessment and why is it important.

A. The Assessment takes 10 to 20 minutes and is our personal (but not too personal) systematic approach to make sure we give you the best resources to help. The results of your questionnaire help us plan and create your personal library and coaching sessions. There are no wrong or right answers; just put down what comes to mind first when filling it out.

Q. What is my Personalized Library?

A. Your Personalized Library is created specifically for you. It gives you access to information, instructions, and multimedia tools. You can access your library through the MiCoachee mobile app on your smartphone or tablet as well as any browser.

Q. What is my “Micoachee Score” in my app?

A. The Micoachee Score is located in the center of your profile on the App. It’s a 30-day snapshot of nutrition, hydration, activity,and sleep. At Micoachee, we know goals are accomplished as a whole person, and tracking and entering this information is vital to the overall success of the program. This helps you and MiCoachee with a reference to work with.

Q. What types of coaching will I receive and how often?

A. You will receive coaching via Email or SMS text. We’ll be focused on your goals and related behaviors/habits that lead to progress.

Q. What types if information do I manually enter into my mobile device?

A. We want to know the healthy stuff you are doing that can’t be automated. It’s not required, but we highly recommend you get a “wearable” such as a Fitbit, smartwatch or use a phone app to automatically track your activity and sleep. You can enter daily servings of things like water, fruits, and vegetables. We’ll also be working with you on tracking your progress towards developing long-term behaviors.

Q.What information is automatically entered into Micoachee?

A. Once you connect your wearable or fitness app to the Micoachee system, it will continuously pull all the information from that system.

Q. How will the manual and automatic information help me achieve my goals?

A. All data from these applications will be summarized for your MiCoachee coaches, so we can monitor/reinforce progress and make changes to help you get to your goals. MiCoachee will be evaluating your progress and results based on any input we have received directly from you and from your wearable or fitness applications. We’ll continually optimize your personalized program to make sure we are consistently getting progress and helping you stay on track with your goals.

Q. How do I set my goals?

A. You will be sharing your goals in your initial assessment and regularly reviewing with your MiCoachee coach on your progress.

Q. What happens if I “fall off track” regarding my goals?

A. In the event that you fall off track, don’t worry. Our methodology, coaching, and focus cover different techniques and tools in your personalized library to keep you moving forward.

Q. What are the Community Groups and why are they important?

A. Our developing community groups through our MiCoachee mobile application are a way to connect with other Micoachee clients. You can access shared information related to your goals, join and see leader boards, contribute to the community with your experience or advice, and be a part of our supportive community. We want to share what works for you in the program to help you and others just like you. Our community tools are clinically proven effective in combating weight and helping individuals succeed through accountability, a support network, and positive reinforcement.

Q. Why are there two login spots for user name and password??

A. Micoachee has two parts that work together. An “App” portion (front-end) where you track your activity and can view your library and a back end that houses your assessments, contains your library, and processes the behavioral information to help you meet your goals. We highly recommend you use the same username and password for both.

Q. Is my information personal and will any of my information be shared with anyone outside of the Micoachee Staff?

A. All information is secured and will not be shared with anyone outside of MiCoachee. In other words what happens in Micoachee stays in Micoachee!

Video Session Treatment FAQs

Q. What is the best time of day to listen?

A. It is more beneficial to listen early and/or later in the day. However, do not listen while lying in bed for you may fall asleep. Or don’t listen when you’re too tired so you won’t fall asleep.

Q. I think I’m falling asleep. Will it still work?

A. Actually, if you hear “# 3, eyes open” at the end, you did not fall asleep. You simply drifted off consciously and you received all the suggestions subconsciously.

Q. I fell asleep and didn’t hear the ending. Will it still work?

A. Once you enter deep unconscious sleep, below the level of dreaming, your subconscious mind has other tasks. Listen when not so tired or sit up in a comfortable chair with your head supported. If you continue to enter actual sleep, you can fast forward the video about 5 minutes. It may be you do not require as much of the relaxation process in the beginning.

Q. When should I close my eyes?

A. Some of our video systems do not direct you to close your eyes. Allow them to close early while listening or as they feel they want to close, if you are not directed to do so.

Q. I don’t hear what you say sometimes. Is that okay?

A. This is fine if it happens. It‘s okay if your conscious mind drifts… but not like when thinking. If thinking thoughts enter, simply focus back on what is being said.

Q.When will I notice changes?

A. Change happens in different timeframes and degrees of change among people. Also, because the changes are unconscious, people sometimes are not overtly aware of the changes they are making. The shifts in behavior simply aren’t registering consciously (awareness) and are so comfortable they go unnoticed. Simply reflect on the past days and weeks and ask yourself if you have behaved the same, eaten the same way, and consumed the same types and amounts of food as you did before starting this program. Also, keep in mind the positive emotional changes you are experiencing.

Q. I hear a voice in the background. Is that supposed to be there?

A. Yes, some of our video session treatments have more than one vocal track. Anything you hear is intentional for your optimal results.