How do I Stay Active and Sane with Social Distancing?

Work up a sweat

Try getting your workout in at home and keep eating healthy! There are plenty of online workouts to follow along with on-line and many require no equipment or only minimal equipment.

Get outside

While social distancing does mean a large amount of your time will be spent inside your home…that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate going outside!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes social distancing as staying away from mass gatherings and keeping a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters – about one body length – away from other people. So, go outside, take a walk, take a mountain drive, go play in the yard with your kids…just don’t get within 6 feet of neighbors or others you may see while doing these activities!

Stay connected with family and friends; beware of social media

Consider taking advantage of time working from home to connect with your loved ones via email or FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or other video connection.  Spend time with family, or work on your well-being by reading a book or spending time on a hobby.  While we may not be able to physically go and visit our loved ones, experts say to still take time to work on our social relationships via technology.

Plan weekly or daily group calls with family, friends or neighbors that you can’t see as often as you usually would. According to the Cleveland Clinic, social interaction is one of the six pillars of brain health and provides support, reduces stress, combats depression and enhances intellectual stimulation. Of course, social media during times of isolation can also be a helpful tool to stay connected with others. However, experts say to resist scrolling on social media endlessly.  That can do more harm than good.