How to Mentally Prepare for a Lifestyle Change (NDPP#12)

You’ve decided to revamp your life into becoming a healthier version of you. You’ve stocked your fridge with healthy snack options, you got a gym membership and some new sneakers for working out, and you are picturing what life is going to be life in three months – you’ll be toned, slender, and feeling confident!

You’re ready to start a new healthy lifestyle, and you are PUMPED!

And for that first week, you’re doing amazing. Hitting the gym after work three days a week, reaching for those healthy snacks in your fridge, and even using your new fitness tracker to make sure you get your steps in. 

Yeah, you kind of miss ice cream and you hate the elliptical machine, but this is what health looks like, right?

Fast forward to two weeks from now: You passed the gym on the way home. Again. But you didn’t pass by the drive-thru. Cheeseburger in hand, you sit in front of the tv, feeling guilty that you failed at ANOTHER attempt to get healthy. 

So, what happened? 

The secret to adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t in a gym membership or buying lots of pre-cut vegetables for simple snacks (Though they are good things!). The secret to living a healthy, thriving life is in your mind!

If you’re ready to lose the excess weight, get moving, and live a truly healthy life, we’re going to show you how to discover your motivation so you can stick with these changes and live life feeling confident, energetic, and thriving. 

Why You Need to Discover Your Motivation

You know how to lose weight, and you know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. These aren’t big secrets, and you’ve tried them in the past. But if you know what to do, why haven’t you stuck with it?

Because knowing how to do something isn’t enough to keep you motivated to stick with it when you hit an obstacle or a roadblock. And when you’re making a lifestyle change, there are going to be roadblocks. Maybe you hit a plateau, go on an ice cream bender, pull a muscle. If you’re not 100% motivated to stick with living a healthy life, any one of those things can have you throwing in the towel. On the other hand, if you have that WHY, you can move beyond the roadblock, get back in the game, and focus on why it’s important for you to not give up. 

Getting to the Core of Your Motivation

Before you get started on your journey toward living a healthy life, you need to dig deep within yourself and discover why you’re motivated to make these major changes in how you eat and live. 

Why do you want to exercise regularly instead of spending your free time watching Netflix? 

Why do you want to eat a diet of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains instead of fast food and your favorite comfort foods?

Write down why it’s important to you to make these lifestyle shifts. Maybe it’s so you will look and feel younger, have more energy to be with your kids, or you are struggling with chronic health conditions and know that poor diet and lack of exercise are at the core of those conditions. 

No matter what your reason, write down exactly why you are ready to make this commitment to your health. 

Visualize Your Why

Now that you know why you want to make these changes, visualize what a healthy life looks like. How will you know when you’ve “made it.” Is it a specific weight, is it getting a health condition under control (or eliminating it), or is it a more abstract outcome such as how you feel?

Underneath your Big Why Statement, describe what your ideal outcome looks like. Go into as much detail as you want – How will you feel? What will you be able to do? What numbers will you be looking at? The more detail you can include, the clearer your picture will be, and that makes it easier to stay motivated toward meeting your goals. 

Keeping Your Why Visible

You’ve got a clear motivation of why you want to live a healthy life.
You have total clarity on what your ideal healthy life looks like. 

Right now, it’s easy to feel motivated because you’re literally staring at your visualization, but what about at 3:00 PM two weeks from now when your lunch has worn off, and you know there are donuts in the breakroom? Or when you’re feeling tired after work and don’t want to hit the gym? 

Stay motivated by keeping your motivation visible. Maybe it’s using a picture as your phone’s wallpaper you can look at when you’re tempted by snacks, or maybe you’ve written your Big Why on a Post-It and stuck it to your rearview mirror in your car. No matter how you choose to keep a reminder close at hand, do it and USE it. 

We know it’s hard to commit to a healthy lifestyle, especially for those first few weeks, but once it becomes ingrained, those healthy eating habits and exercises will become second nature.