Keto Habit Builder

Your Mind Body Tool for the Ketogenic Lifestyle


Weight loss results are not won with hard work
but with healthy habits and proven tools.

Keto Habit Builder” trains your brain to end your fight with cravings and feeling deprived when trying to stick to a healthy low-carb diet. Our behavior experts and psychologists have collaborated to put leading behavioral change techniques into a lifestyle app!

Train your brain to follow healthy patterns and resolve the underlying psychological triggers causing you to quit or limit your exercise and weight loss plans:

Is this for you?

  • Do you find it hard to follow through on eating changes?
    Or find it hard to control cravings?
  • Have you tried a Keto program, but been unable to sustain it?
  • Feel deprived if you go on the Keto program?
  • Have you been self-sabotaging your eating plans in the past?
    — Like you’re constantly cheating on your Keto diet?
  • Want an easier way to incorporate the eating and exercise habits at the same time?
All these issues stem from NOT working with the default behaviors causing the cravings and motivational challenges. Keto Habit Builder takes a new approach tailoring lifestyle changes to those having challenges with willpower.

Behavioral Change Techniques Help You:

Implement healthy ketogenic eating habits to prevent feeling hungry or deprived BEFORE cravings spoil your progress.

Consistently make better eating decisions in the moment.

Be more confident and eliminate the feeling of failure.

Reveal the cognitive biases and hidden patterns that have been derailing your weight loss efforts.

Our tools help you build habits that work WITH you NOT against you!

Keto Habit Builder is developed to break the unhealthy habits getting in way of your ketogenic lifestyle BEFORE cravings spoil your progress.

Now you can leverage industry leading cognitive techniques to build healthy habits that finally make staying healthy as easy as binging on carbs!

No more need to force yourself to diet, exercise or maintain harsh restrictions, just to achieve short term results. With effective behavioral change your Ketogenic lifestyle can become a matter of habit!”

Keto Habit Builder harnesses advanced mindset improving techniques to help you get used to a ketogenic lifestyle program step-by-step.

Every step is easily accessed from your smart device 24/7 and makes sure you have the motivation you need when and where you need it.

Need a confidence boost or support?

Your mindset coach is always ready with a motivational talk! And like a trusted friend, the program will get to know you better and automatically become personalized to your health, weight loss and fitness goals:

Remove negative triggers

Establish consistent habits

Get results!

The broad range of techniques the app draws from are developed by leading fitness and weight loss experts to help people with difficulties sticking to a healthy diet. The techniques are based on groundbreaking neurological (brain scientific) research to help people achieve even the toughest lifestyle and behavioral challenges. These methods have been proven especially effective for achieving weight loss and lifestyle change results.

“Understanding the complexity of what drives human behavior is essential for changing those behaviors and built a healthier lifestyle.”

By following the app’s coaching you can overcome negative behaviors, like food cravings and overeating, by targeting the problem at the root. Working with the underlying habits makes it exponentially easier to successfully following through on your habitual change — regardless of your previous challenges.

Just get your butt off the couch and start working out! — WRONG!

The reason many people struggle with their weight has NOTHING to do with laziness. It is because of constant bombardment of fast food commercials, lifelong exposure to unhealthy habits, lack of support from their environment and at least a thousand other factors… The Keto Habit Builder helps you prevent all those internal and external triggers from sabotaging your healthy lifestyle once and for all.

Is it simple? — Nope!

But the good news is that the app can track what is important to you and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to track and analyze complicated data that turns it into a ketogenic lifestyle program that is easy to follow for you.

— Say hello to technology and goodbye to eating struggles!

Designed to turn your fight with willpower into an easy and enjoyable keto journey

Leading a ketogenic lifestyle is not at all about fighting with carbs and overcoming challenges. As long as your efforts feel like a struggle it will be impossible to maintain long term results. As you use our Mind and Body Program your keto journey will feel like a natural way of life, make you feel better about yourself, and lets you enjoy the extra energy you get every day — Making it will be infinitely easier to follow through!


Keep your personal keto coach in your pocket

The Keto Habit Builder is like having a personal coach follow your keto diet with you whenever you need it. You simply choose your goals, and the mind and Body app will help you implement the behavioral lifestyle changes and techniques best suited to achieve them.

As you use the app, it continues to learn what is working for you and your specific personal challenges to adapt your keto program to overcome them. The more lifestyle data the app collects and the more feedback you give it, the better it will understand your needs and challenges — just like a human health coach!

More than 85%

of the users completing 2 sessions or more successfully increases their tracked activity levels.

Up to 36%*

increase in average step count per day within the first 60 days.

* Based on customers with wearables

x3 times

as many trips to the gym on average.

Try one of our proven techniques and see the power of Psychological Motivation

NLP Keto Technique

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Hypnosis Technique- Overcoming Keto Challenges

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Simple monthly subscription of just $16.95 or as low as $9.95 with a multi-month membership

Track the eating and exercise areas that are important to you

Personalized program evolving as your needs change

Integrates with over 100 of your favorite wearables and fitness apps, so you can leverage all your data to optimize your results


What are Behavioral Change Techniques?

Behavioral Change covers a range of goal-oriented techniques for conditioning the mind to default to healthy and positive behavior, overcome negative thoughts and beliefs, and change habits and cognitive biases. Keto Habit Builder is developed to pinpoint the most effective habit changing techniques specifically for priming your mind to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle. Among these techniques are:

CBT consist of conscious exercises to help change default thought patterns. By working with the subconscious triggers that undermine our self-esteem it becomes effective in dealing with health and weight management.

NLP techniques use language exercises to give you conscious control over unconscious biases and limitations and make it easier to change negative thoughts and actions. The goal is to turn everyday practices and sensory experiences into triggers of positive responses.

GM will guide you through lifestyle exercise step for step to help you get a clearer understanding of the stress factors in your life triggering unhealthy habits, prevent road blocks from sabotaging your self-control through greater awareness of your body’s signals.

Modern hypnotherapy is effectively used to combat stress and unhealthy habits, making it an obvious tool in the context of weight loss and lifestyle improvement. Hypnosis works primarily with the subconscious mind and targets the problematic behavior we don’t have conscious control over.