MiCoachee keeps your customers motivated

to stay on track and stick with your fitness and weight loss services.

Your customers get fast fitness results that keep them coming back.
You get higher customer retention rates, higher profits, and better customer outcomes.

The biggest struggle facing gyms & fitness centers is customer retention.

No matter what services and support you offer, keeping your customers engaged, motivated, and coming back is an ongoing challenge. Your clients need a solution to stop putting off the workouts and start hitting the gym, getting fit, and seeing RESULTS.

YOU need a solution to keep your clients coming back, maintaining their membership, & sticking with you. WE can work with YOU to create a solution that will keep YOUR CLIENTS coming back, hitting their goals, and experiencing total success!

Numbers Don’t Lie

After one month, less than 30 percent of your members come to the gym three times a week or more.

Within six months, 40 percent of your customers will have cancelled their memberships.


The Problem Isn’t You

Your customers are struggling with their own challenges and obstacles that have them throwing in the towel and giving up on their goals.

MiCoachee helps your clients overcome those obstacles with easy-to-use digital coaching that works in conjunction with your fitness programs!

We make it possible for you to engage with your clients between workouts, keeping them motivated and giving them the accountability and support they need to achieve faster results and long-term fitness.

What does this mean for you?

Higher Customer Retention Rates
Improved Customer Outcomes and Satisfaction
More focus on bringing in new customers
Closer customer contact by connecting with your customer outside of the club

Behavior Science Techniques

We know how to keep customers motivated, driven, and on track. Using cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness training, and NLP, your clients will tackle old habits and thought patterns and build new routines and habits they can maintain for life!

Easy to Use & Totally Mobile

MiCoachee’s mobile app and on-demand tools help your customers get coaching and guidance whenever and wherever they need it, helping them find their motivation to get back on track and go to the gym more consistently.

Coaching When They Need It

We use their feedback to offer personalized communication supports to your customers to help you keep them engaged and improve your relationship. We reach your customers when and where they need it most and are with your customers the 23 hours of the day they aren’t in the gym.

MiCoachee’s innovative digital coaching solution keeps your customers coming back

How do we know MiCoachee will work for you?
The PROOF is in the RESULTS.

We tested MiCoachee in conjunction with customers of large National Health and Fitness organization and found:

How will MiCoachee benefit your customers?


MiCoachee Works WITH You
Our plans can adapt to your fitness programs allowing us to work in conjunction with you to offer your customers better outcomes, faster results, and a long-term path to fitness and wellness.

Customers experience powerful mindset shifts towards diet & exercise!

You can access valuable information about your customers’ experience and progress and use it to get better results!

Adapt your program to meet your customers’ needs and see improved outcomes!

Witness your customers’ improved mindset, increased confidence, and excitement toward your program!

Improve your customer retention rates and watch your profits soar!

Get to know your customers and provide an excellent customer service experience!

Wellness Partners

Increase Customer Connection

Connect with customers

MiCoachee allows you to connect with your customers throughout the week with the MiCoachee application.

Increase customer compliance

By actively reaching out to them, you’ll extend a hands-on approach that your customers will appreciate, helping them to succeed with your product or service.

Reinforce your program

MiCoachee is another layer to help you motivate and encourage your customers, reinforcing the benefits of your product or service.

Increase your customer’s use of your product

MiCoachee will help drive more consistent use of or access to your product.

Differentiate your value add amongst your competitors

Stand out from your competitors by offering a valuable application that will help improve your customers’ lives and their relationship to your business.

With MiCoachee, it’s like being plugged in & available to your customers 24/7, especially when they need you most.

We Guarantee Satisfaction
You be the judge. If you join our pilot program and share MiCoachee with your customers, you can see for yourself the amazing progress they will make. If you’re not completely satisfied, there is NO risk to you!
We are so confident in MiCoachee’s ability to help your clients achieve success while improving your retention rates, we want to offer you an opportunity to join our referral partner program!

If you and your customers enjoy it, we can move forward, but if you’re not satisfied, there’s ZERO risk to you or your customers.