Exercise & Fitness Solutions

Transform your fitness habits, transform your life.

Harness Your Motivation to Work Out with Proven Brain Science Techniques.

Put a stop to procrastination and uncover your ultimate fitness potential.

MiCoachee Helps You Put an End to Limiting Thoughts & Habits!

We Help You Condition Your Mind to Control What You Want to Do

MiCoachee doesn’t tell you what to do, but instead helps you control your mind so that you can reach your fitness goals!

MiCoachee Can Help You No Matter What Fitness Plan You Choose!

Already following an exercise plan? Let MiCoachee give you that extra boost you need to stay motivated and to reach all of your fitness goals!

MiCoachee Helps You Change Your Thoughts and Habits

Brain Science Techniques

Put your fitness goals into action. We use brain science to help you stay motivated to exercise and to change old habits. You will learn how to think differently about food and exercise.

Easy to Use

An easy to use application that can be used with your tracking device. You’ll get access on-demand tools to identify the triggers that can derail your weight loss efforts.

Totally Mobile

Take MiCoachee wherever you go. Our application is easy to access on your computer, mobile device, or fitness tracker. You can use MiCoachee when and where you need it, and get the motivation you need at the most important times. MiCoachee goes with you and helps you become confident in your ability to change and stay on top of your fitness goals.

Transform Your Life with MiCoachee

MOTIVATE easily to work out

JUMP START your current exercise plan

WORK OUT longer and get fit faster

FEEL GOOD about yourself and your progress

IMPROVE your energy levels and reduce stress

CONSISTENTLY “bring your best” to workouts

HAVE A MORE effective workout session

ENHANCE your enjoyment of exercise

PROGRESS thanks to supportive reminders

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Make Fitness Goals & Crush Them Using Brain-Science & Habit-Based Coaching

Within days of starting the MiCoachee program, you’ll feel better and more confident about achieving your exercise goals. Success starts to look and feel easily attainable.

Learn How to Use Visualization to Help You Exercise More & Get More Out of Your Workouts


IOS and Android compatible

Use with your favorite apps and wearables

Get more out of your fitness tracker with MiCoachee!

Unlike any other application, MiCoachee will help to keep you motivated and track your progress using fitness watches, FitBits, + more by adding vital information to your tracker. You will have access to your assessment, personality, nutrition, and many other data points that will help keep you motivated to meet your life goals with yourown customized plan.

Now you can keep your wellness and fitness plan all in one place with the convenience and affordability of MiCoachee.


Notice a Difference Right Away!


“I’m a 31 year old mother of 4. I have been struggling with weight for years.(until now, that is). First of all I should probably tell you that I’m a HUGE couch potato. When I was done working for the day I used to sit and watch t.v., and on my week-ends I just relaxed all day. NOT ANYMORE!! I woke up 6 days ago and just decided to run…. I sorta felt like Forest Gump.(I haven’t run since I was 14 years old). I ran and walked every day since….AND I FEEL GREAT! I also notice a craving for healthy food. I eat salads and fruits more now than I ever have before. I lost a total of 12 inches and 18 pounds! THANK YOU!!”

“My daughter has changed her attitude about her desire for salads. My daughter who lost over 15 pounds also started running. She has not run since she was in the 6th grade, and she is 31. She is running a mile per day as well as walking. Me, I have lost 17 pounds and I feel thinner in my heart. Wow! I have been telling all my friends about this program. Thanks.”

Change Your Thoughts and Habits, One Day at a Time

If you’re like most people, you’ve started an exercise program or joined a gym, but procrastinate getting started or going the distance.

24/7 Support

You get 24/7, around-the-clock accountability and support with on-demand, personalized coaching.

Intensive, Simple Techniques

End procrastination. Jump start a new exercise program. Feel good about yourself and your progress.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

You be the judge. If you give MiCoachee a chance by trying each initiative in your assessment plan, and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

MiCoachee will create positive progress. Try it out for a free 10-day trial period at OUR risk, not yours. This means you have nothing to lose, but SO MUCH to gain!