How It Works


MiCoachee is Unlike Anything You Have Tried Before

MiCoachee is a life-changing application that can literally change the way you think about food and exercise. For just pennies a day, MiCoachee provides an innovative habit changing mobile platform that integrates mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. We also offer video streaming, data science, and can be linked to your fitness tracker so you can bring MiCoachee with you wherever you go. It’s an application like no other that will drive positive life-changing action, and sustainable behavior changes.

When You Need More Than Just Motivation & Willpower

The Problem We Solve

We regularly struggle to get desired consistent behavioral or habit change that we want even though we know it would improve our lives. The primary reason for most of us is a psychological reason that we stop or avoid doing the desired behavior due to consciously or subconsciously associating negative thoughts and feelings to doing it, so we end or avoid doing it consistently. This is where MiCoachee comes in and delivers tools and support to help recondition those mental associations to drive positive behavior and habit change in your life through a broad offering of easy to use brain science techniques and therapies integrated with monitoring and coaching delivered over our mobile and web application

What Happens When You Get Started?

Day 1 - Getting to Know You!

Fill out a simple questionnaire to help us develop a program just for you.

Day 2 - Getting Started!

Start following your customized plan of Brain Science/behavior modification tasks & coaching focused on encouragement, support and guidance.

Days 3-21 - Transformation!

You start to see and feel changes in as little as 5 days! During this phase, you give feedback, and MiCoachee tweaks your plan. Within days, you'll feel a difference,and with daily commitment, you will see impressive results by day 21!

Following Weeks and Months - MORE Results!

Stay committed to the plan and MiCoachee will be there to support you-revising, refining, and reinforcing

Gentle Reminders

MiCoachee gives you gentle reminders by email or text—personalized, encouraging and private.


What You Get With MiCoachee

SUPPORT to overcome diet and exercise challenges

PORTABLE PROGRAM you can access anywhere and from any device

PERSONALIZED, there-when-you-need-it coaching

TOOLS to assess your progress

GUARANTEED RESULTS, no strings attached

WORKS with your favorite diet and exercise program

IOS and Android compatible

Use with your favorite apps and wearables

Want to get the most out of your fitness tracker? Let MiCoachee give you that extra boost and help you stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy all with the use of your fitness tracker. Our application is IOS and Android compatible,so we can help keep you on top of your health and fitness goals. MiCoachee will help you drive the behavior you need to see results. You will have access to your assessment, personality, nutrition, and many other data points to help you succeed. There is no other application like MiCoachee available. Wear your tracker, and we will help you drive the results you need to succeed.


You Will Feel Results Right Away!

We understand what holds you back from reaching your fullest health and fitness potential, and we use techniques that work for you! With this approach, you will see results faster than you thought possible all while developing lifelong healthy habits. With the mobile convenience of MiCoachee, we are your 24/7 coach that can be brought with you everywhere you go,and we will be there when you need us the most. Think of us as your personal mobile coach!

The Science is Sound.