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Tackle your retention problems head on by working with MiCoachee

Successful customer retention efforts will become the foundation of your company your customers are dedicated to your program and motivated to stick with it.

MiCoachee’s solution gets your members in the door, more often.

Brain Science Techniques

Reinforce your customer’s thoughts and behaviors around their goals. They build new, healthy habits that are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Easy to Use

MiCoachees mobile and on-demand tools help your customers find energy and go to the gym more consistently.

MiCoachee’s “There-As-You-Need-It” Coaching

Personalized communication keeps your customers accountable. Our coaching platform reaches your customers when and where they need it most. MiCoachee is there the 23 hours of the day they aren't in the gym.

Totally Mobile

Easy to access on computer or mobile device, MiCoachee goes with your clients when they’re not with you, offering access to powerful behavioral thought modification techniques.

Customized Programs Available for Qualified Programs

We customize a user experience to target the specific goals you have for your clients.

Working with MiCoachee, you’ll be able to measure a positive ROI through increased customer retention.

Make Better Use of Your Marketing Budget

With MiCoachee handling customer retention for you, you can focus your marketing efforts on other areas, like growing your business.

By reallocating resources from customer retention, you’ll be able to serve your customers better, reach new customers, and grow your business exponentially—all while offering your current customers a higher value service than ever before.


Think of MiCoachee as an Additional Resource to Encourage Customers to Stick with Your Program

MiCoachee customizes its program specifically for your customer base and includes co-marketing efforts to improve your customer retention.

Customers change their thoughts & behaviors towards diet & exercise

You can access valuable data about your customers’ experience

Make changes to your program to better meet customers’ needs/expectations

Improve your customers’ experience with your program

Customers learn to harness their will power to stick with your program

See a marked improvement in your retention rate

Increase Customer Intimacy

Connect with customers

MiCoachee allows you to connect with your customers throughout the week with the MiCoachee application.

Increase customer compliance

By actively reaching out to them, you’ll extend a hands-on approach that your customers will appreciate, helping them to succeed with your product or service.

Reinforce your program

MiCoachee is another layer to help you motivate and encourage your customers, reinforcing the benefits of your product or service.

Increase your customer's use of your product

MiCoachee will help drive more consistent use of or access to your product.

Differentiate your value add amongst your competitors

Stand out from your competitors by offering a valuable application that will help improve your customers’ lives and their relationship to your business.

With MiCoachee, it’s like being plugged in and available to your customers 24/7, especially when they need you most.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

You be the judge. If you give MiCoachee a chance with your customers, and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

MiCoachee will create positive progress. Ask about our RISK FREE Corporate Partnership Guarantee at OUR risk, not yours. This means you have nothing to lose, but SO MUCH to gain!

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