Weight Loss & Diet Solutions

MiCoachee changes the way you think about food.

Let Brain-Science Help You Take Charge of Your Diet and Weight Loss Goals Today.

Are you having problems losing weight and keeping it off?
It’s a mind game. Change your mind and change your body.

We Help You Use Your Mind to Control What You Want to Do

MiCoachee doesn’t tell you what to do, but instead helps you condition your mind so that you can make good decisions and stay motivated to take action!

MiCoachee Can Help You No Matter What Diet Plan You Choose!

Already following a diet plan? Let MiCoachee give you that extra boost you need to get to your final goal and create a lifestyle change.

Have Access to Specialized Techniques That Work for You!

MiCoachee uses specialized techniques from cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming to help you follow through with your weight loss program. These proven techniques are used to help you get results and make lifelong changes. We’re going to connect you with the best methods so you can feel amazing and see results fast!

MiCoachee is Unlike Anything You’ve Tried in the Past

Brain Science Techniques

We use brain science and big data analytics to help you change old habits and create a new way of thinking about food and exercise. We help you put your goals into action.

Easy to Use

MiCoachee is a simple and straightforward application that can be used with your tracking device. You’ll get on-demand tools to identify the triggers that can derail your weight loss efforts.

Totally Mobile

Easy to access on your computer or mobile device, use MiCoachee when and where you need it. Affect positive thoughts, becoming confident in your ability to change.

What You Get With MiCoachee

AVOID FEELING hungry or deprived

MAKE BETTER food decisions in the moment

IDENTIFY TRIGGERS that derail your weight loss efforts

ALIGN YOUR GOALS with your weight loss program

LEARN how to avoid cravings

STOP FEELING like you’re a failure

STOP emotional eating

AVOID EATING when you’re bored

BREAK old eating habits

MiCoachee has a proven, scientific program based on powerful machine learning technology to make lifestyle changes that last.

Learn How to Use Mindfulness to Stop Overeating and Limiting Beliefs in Their Tracks

See an example of an easy mind technique to help you avoid food craving or change how you look at a specific food item going forward.


Max Out Your Fitness Tracker Benefits with MiCoachee!

Need an additional boost to stay motivated to exercise and eathealthily? MiCoachee canbe used with your fitness tracker to keep you on top of your health and fitness goals. MiCoachee will help you drive the behavior you need to see results. You will have access to your assessment, personality, nutrition, and many other datapoints to help you succeed. There is no other application like MiCoachee available. Wear your tracker, and we will help you drive the results you need to succeed.


MiCoachee is Unlike Anything You Have Tried Before!

We Help You Break the Cycle so You Can Reach Your Long-Term Goals


“I really love your program. I have had great success and have found that all urges to eat foolishly are gone as is TV snacking. I have recommended you to about 6 or 8 people. Apparently I now sound extremely cheerful on the phone — my friends and family have all noticed how much more happy and “up” I am. Thanks for the wonderful program. Cheers!”

“Right away I was convinced to eat more colorful, natural foods and I started to drop weight! In about 5 months’ time I lost 30 lbs! I’ve never looked better in my life. And it was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you so much!”

Dieting is Hard Work—MiCoachee Helps You Change

Most diets set people up for failure. The reason is that your bad food habits and behaviors don’t change, meaning you’ll fall right back into old habits.

24/7 Support

You get 24/7, around-the-clock accountability and support with on-demand, personalized coaching.

Intensive, Simple Techniques

Develop a good relationship with food. Identify the pitfalls that make you stumble and stay on track.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

You be the judge. If you give MiCoachee a chance by trying each initiative in your assessment plan, and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

MiCoachee will create positive progress. Try it out for a free 10-day trial period at OUR risk, not yours. This means you have nothing to lose, but SO MUCH to gain!