Are you using the right technology to maximize member retention?

Amazon and Netflix have been using member data and artificial intelligence to retain members for years. Micoachee now brings that technology to the fitness industry giving you a new tool to substantially improve your membership retention rates.

We are not just data focused, we’re retention focused.

Benefits of working with us:

Increased revenue & profitability

Increase member lifetime value

Automate member engagement

Increase engagement and individualize process

Easier upsell/ cross sell opportunities

Increase net promoter scores with new insight of member

Facilitates sustainable growth

Grow your best member segments and know who is at risk

What We Do?

Our data science models use your membership data and break it down into hundreds of thousands to millions of data points that can be used to diagnose and predict your member’s retention behavior.

How we do it?

We analyse member data, diagnose, predict and prescribe retention opportunities with machine learning.
We help you gather critical member satisfaction data.

MiCoachee: Tells You


Understanding why member churn is happening and in more detail then you have ever experienced


Using historical patterns to predict specific retention outcomes – we share with you who your highest member risks are


What specific actions to take to improve retention based on your outreach programs


MiCoachee will automatically collect and gather critical data for you, so you don’t have to


  • Targeted engagement plans for high risk members

  • Create customized retention engagement plans for specific group

  • Improved on-boarding programs

  • Automated member follow up

  • Automate important data gathering

  • Automated intervention notice for high risk members

  • Automated net promotor score data gathering and analysis

  • Member satisfaction analysis

MiCoachee offers Retention Analysis, Strategy, Automated Engagement and Member Retention Application Solutions

Identify Risk from the Top and Provide Retention Tools from the Bottom

Wellness & Fitness Club Operator’s Business